LÁK Nail Bar

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Understanding Your Salon

As an organic, natural, and cruelty free nail salon we take pride in promoting the fact that we are different from other salons. We do our absolute best to make sure that our customers receive the highest quality services and products while maintaining a non-toxic environment. Below are just a few ways we differentiate ourselves from other salons!

sterile packets.jpg


By now you are probably used to going to a salon and having your technician open a packet (similar to what you see on the left) with tools inside of it to start your service. However, do not be fooled! Pay close attention because the top of the packets should have two different indicators that change colors when the tools have been completely sterilized. We carry an Autoclave that actually steam sterilizes our tools before each and every use. You can rest assured that our tools were not only washed and cycled through barbacide but they were also steam sterilized using our Autoclave. 

What is an Autoclave?

An Autoclave is a sterilization chamber that hospitals and dentists use to sterilize all their tools. It kills fungus, bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, and parasites on tools used for each client.

Why is this important?

Not all nail salons carry an autoclave! Meaning that if you attend a salon that doesn't, you may be exposed to some form of the above mentioned bacteria and microorganisms. You should know that just because tools are in pouches that are opened in front of you doesn't mean they are sterilized. Once the package has been sterilized, the arrow or indicator on the back turns from pink to brown which indicates that the proper heat level was attained during the sterilization process.

Pipless jets.png

Pipless Jets

We use pipless jets for our spa chairs at LÁK Nail Bar. Studies show that when piped jets are used, and the pipes are not cleaned properly, bacteria, skin, and hair particles gather up in the pipes and can cause horrifying, dangerous infections.

Our pedicure tubs also have plastic liners that are placed around the tub before each service. The liners are then thrown away after each customer. We also clean and disinfect each tub before the next customer is seated. Keep in mind that each customer has a brand new liner placed for them but we still disinfect and clean each tub before each service. Although this isn't required, the health and safety of each and every one of our customers is our TOP PRIORITY!

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Buffers and Files

It is important for customers to know that some salons reuse certain tools that cannot be sterilized. For example, buffers, files, and pumice stones cannot be sterilized and should therefore only be used ONCE then disposed of. At LÁK Nail Bar any item that cannot be sterilized in our autoclave is only used ONCE then disposed of. Once again our customers health and safety is our TOP PRIORITY!

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Hard Gel

As a non toxic salon we pride ourselves on the fact that we do not offer toxic services such as acrylics and dip powder. Instead we offer a much healthier alternative known as hard gel. An odor-less alternative to nail acrylics. Customers can build strong and natural looking artificial and sculptured tip extensions in hard gel form. This is also ideal for natural nails for a thicker, more durable wear. The benefits of hard gel include being breathable and allowing your natural nail to grow underneath.